Persona Description: Young Adult
Time of Life: 20's to 30's

User Story

My husband Jorge and I are in our twenties and have been married for 3 years. Our son, Thomas, is 6 months old. Jorge works as a Materials Manager at a large manufacturer, and I’m considering going back to work. We’re trying to save to buy a home and hopefully have more children in the future. Before Tommy was born, I worked at a hospital in the Medical Records department. I’ve got good computer skills. I pay our bills online, shop online and stay in touch with family and friends online. I’ve been using an app that helped me to track my pregnancy and now I maintain a digital health record for Tommy too. We try to eat healthy and stay fit. So far, neither my husband or I have had any significant health issues and Tommy is healthy, too. I just feel better knowing I have good health history information in case something significant were to happen with our health in the future. I try to cut corners every way possible to meet our financial goals and the health records I’m keeping are helping me track what we spend on health and care.

Value Proposition

Fulfill your role as a parent or help others in your community learn how to use new technologies that improve life outcomes and feel good about giving back in your home area.

Having a child changes your life and your perspectives forever. You take on a new role and a new sense of responsibility you didn’t have before.  New digital health record technologies make it easier for you to begin tracking your family’s health and care which is one of the new jobs you take on as a parent.

Some people have natural instincts to parent others in their communities. Trusted mother- and father-type mentors play an important role in many people’s lives. Sharing new skills with others that help people live healthier lives and attain better life outcomes can be a reward in and of itself.