Persona Description: Middle-life Mom
Time of Life: Sandwich Generation (40's to 60's)

User Story

We’ve got two kids now after years of trying. I gained a lot of weight during the pregnancies but at that time I didn’t mind. Since then I’ve managed to lose over 100 pounds and I plan to keep it off. It takes effort now that I’m aging and I sometimes feel depressed and pretty stressed-out, but my husband encourages me to keep going. We do our best to provide every opportunity to our kids. My husband works long hours at his business and I volunteer at their school and help out at their sports activities. Now my husband’s parents are getting up in age and they ask us to help them much more often than they ever used to. We’re happy to assist, but everything takes time and energy. I am stretched to the max. How can digital health records help me work smarter, not harder?

Value Proposition

Save time in your busy life. Take on new roles in your family life without it having an overwhelming effect.

Many people feel squeezed in the middle of their life. That’s why these folks are often called the “sandwich generation”. This is the group of people who find themselves stuck between caring for their children and elderly family members at the same time.

Think about all the time a parent spends managing information about their kids. Having all the family’s health information in one place would make that part of a parent’s job easier.

Think about the types of information that may be needed to take care of an in-law to help with doctor appointments, bill paying, financial planning, and home care. Digital technology can make managing all that information easier.

Having easy access to the information you need to do your job as mom, and wife, and daughter-in-law is the goal. That means a family will have better, more accurate data to review as decisions about care need to be made. Well-organized information also helps a family optimize their health care services and keep costs down. For example, when having prior test results to share with a provider, may enable additional testing to be avoided.

Using digital health records allows parents to work smarter rather than harder as they care for their whole family.