Seo Yun
Persona Description: Mid-life Mom
Time of Life: 50's to 70's

User Story

My husband Roy is getting older. He doesn’t see it, but I can see his health changing. He needs to be monitoring more things and developing some new habits. Daughter is married now with two children of her own. She works and manages their home. Sometimes I worry she isn’t taking enough care of herself too. My grandchildren are wonderful, but they eat too much sugar and sit for hours at their computers. They don’t realize the many things it really takes to live long and healthy lives. I wish there were better ways for me to share my value of holistic health with everyone in my family. A healthy family is a happy family. What can I do to make more of a positive difference for my whole family in this way?

Value Proposition

Digital Health Records are a powerful tool to teach life lessons and better health behaviors

Different ages in life allow us to experience so much. Maintaining a digital health record is an efficient and powerful way to stay grounded in the present while at the same time helping us to remember the past and plan for the future.

The process of accumulating and using digital health records can be done for yourself, if you know how to scan documents and you create and maintain a meticulous digital document filing system. However, that takes a ton of time and most people don’t have the skills to do this for themselves. But modern technology is simplifying this for us.

The way people use information and communicate with each other is totally changing. That’s why the 21st Century is called the Information Age. Computers, mobile apps, and the internet are becoming tools that help everyone work together more efficiently and more effectively.

As a person’s health and life changes over time, the changes need to be considered. Planning ahead becomes increasingly important as we age. There’s usually at least one person in every family who appreciates this. If one family member becomes the family’s “health librarian”, they can help the rest of the family create the type of digital health records that become a legacy asset for generations to come.

When Mom, as Grandma, helps her daughter keep track of her children’s goals and progress, interests, accomplishments, illnesses, and other health events in their lives, it builds connections across the generations. It is the perfect chance to weave in important conversations about values and beliefs and things that really make a difference in life. Indirectly, these messages are reinforced for the whole family as all members age together.

Information that is chronicled in digital health records, can be shared with others at different ages. It’s called getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Lessons gained through experience and shared at the right time with the right person can make a difference in daily living, enabling us to be more mindful of our lives and the choices we make.