Persona Description: Widow
Time of Life: 40's

User Story

I recently became a widow and I am now raising children alone in a digital world. My whole professional life revolves around the computer skills I’ve developed over the past 20 years. Now, I use those skills in my personal life too. My children and I use computers and cell phones for everything too: work, school, play. Even our church uses Facebook and text messaging to communicate these days. I wish I had a way to help me raise my children to know more about how to use a computer to support healthy living and health decision-making. I’d like a “personal health system” that integrates into the way my family operates, how we live, how we learn, and how we use information to make day-to-day decisions. My kids are going to live in a world where technology is used more and more for their health and care. I’m trying to raise my children to be prepared for the future. How can keeping digital health records help us improve our health literacy and develop health technology skills as part of our normal routine?

Value Proposition

Greater advocacy for your own health as an engaged member of your care team

The death of a spouse is a significant loss. Many families today already are pretty good at using information technology (IT) for communication in day-to-day life. That makes it easier to use IT for health too. Managing digital health records is just a new way to communicate information used for health and care. Computer technology and mobile applications make it easier to share health-related information, but it also makes it easier to store and access that information. Having a digital dashboard that helps you organize and review the information you use for all aspects of health and wellness can become a part of every person’s normal routine. It’s sort of like having a digital scrapbook for all aspects of your life.

These records can become part of a person’s life legacy. A person’s health story really is, to a large extent, their life story. Keeping these records digitally, for each of your family members, helps everyone reflect on their growth over time and day-by-day.

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